DOGGING?: Our first time in our motorhome in Sheffield

From the very start, we’re off to a shaky beginning as we debate the practicalities of bringing our beloved Dora on her first camping expedition. Imagine trying to adapt to the compact living of a motorhome while juggling the needs of our dogs, the challenge of securing dog mats to the floor, and the constant threat of rainy weather turning our trip into a soggy mess.

Watch as we attempt to settle into our new temporary home, facing off with a predator lurking in the corner (spoiler: it’s not what you think), struggling with the decision of whether or not to put down roots in the form of velcro on the floor, and navigating the social minefield of the local pub with a puppy who’s just not ready for the great outdoors.

Our journey is filled with laugh-out-loud moments, like our futile attempts to relax amidst the chaos of DIY projects gone wrong, the tension of dining in a cafe with a broken oven, and the philosophical musings over a cup of coffee that seems to last forever. All the while, we’re questioning our life choices, from the practicality of washing lines to the existential dread induced by a pack of plastic wine glasses.

“DOGGING: Our first time in our motorhome in Sheffield” is more than a travel vlog; it’s a snapshot of life’s unpredictability, the joys and trials of pet ownership, and the enduring quest for a simple life that somehow turns into an adventure. So come along for the ride, laugh with us, and maybe, just maybe, learn from our misadventures.

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