OUTRIGHT LIES: Why WE can’t buy a motorhome

In this episode, we explain the truth behind trying to buy a motorhome. We have been searching for our dream motorhome but have found that the vehicles advertised are not as described. With sales people trying to extract our money for substandard motorhomes, will we ever find our dream home? This video explains our experience and will hopefully help anyone in the same position. Let us know your experiences.

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  • Graham Halpin

    Hi don’t get disheartened about your motorhome situation. We bought our first motorhome from webbs in Reading. 10 out of 10 to them. It was a rollerteam zefiro 696. We kept it for 3 years and sold it in July this year as we ordered a brand new pilote. Rollerteam are fantastic motorhomes so take no notice of the tory’s who say different… don’t rush into anything… something will turn up soon enough. Enjoying your channel. Thanks

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