Epic Adventure in Champagne, France: From DIY Camper Van to Luxurious Fishing Lodge

Experience the ultimate adventure in Champagne, France as a married couple takes their DIY camper van to the next level! Follow their thrilling journey as they swap their van for a luxurious lodge nestled around a serene fishing lake.

Shot in the style of Breaking Bad, this epic video combines the allure of French champagne, stunning landscapes, and suspenseful twists.

Get ready to unleash your inner Heisenberg and join this dog-friendly escapade filled with fishing, indulgence, and unexpected surprises. Don’t miss out on this unforgettable expedition that blends van life, lodge life, and Breaking Bad vibes in the heart of Champagne.


We use an EcoFlow Delta Max 2 with solar panels for our electricity on the road. We never have to plug into campsite electricity supplies during the summer months. You can find them here

We use these lights in the van – they are USB powered, last ages on a charge and they are detachable so you can take them to the toilet block at night time.

This is our trusty diesel heater which we’ve had zero issues with – it is very warm and extremely economical. We upgraded some of the parts which can be found here –

Fuel line
Drill bit for Turret fitting
Hole Saw for Turret fitting
Heat Proof Sealant

Claire uses the heater in combination with this oversized hoodie which keeps her warm even in the Alps in winter

Our water tap is USB powered, lasts ages and doesn’t let us down

Our sink is just a sink but works well

We use 2 Jerry Cans for fresh and waste water

These are our blackout curtains that are light weight and block the light brilliantly

Our windows have this stuff across them – we keep them closed with these press studs –

This handy humidity and temperature monitor is good for keeping an eye on the interior

These are hands down the best travel towels. They are small to pack and work like magic at drying us off

When we cook in the van we use our beloved Ridge Monkey which can be found here and my old Trangia Stove which is bullet proof. They can be found here

We use an iPad for navigation which is awesome. We mount this over our existing radio with these mounts – they are really good and we haven’t had any accidents.

The van is insulated with this insulation – Claire is usually cold in the house but finds that she is always warm in the van.

We used this for sound deadening the van which has made it so much quieter on the road


Our footage is shot on a GoPro which we highly recommend for travel as they fit into your pocket and your footage is stabilised. These are well worth having and are way better than your phone camera. You can find these here – because we use external microphones we use a media mod that allows this. You can find this here

You may notice that we have really good low-light footage in our recent videos. This has been made possible with the Sony ZV-E10 camera. It’s a vlogging camera with a swing-out screen and gives excellent quality images without being too big and heavy. You can find these here and the lens that we use here – the lens is extremely important for low light.

One of the problems with the Sony camera is it is stabilised as well as the GoPro so we use this gimbal when out to smooth out the shots.

We use a lot of batteries when out and about so we have added these extra batteries with chargers to our collection

This is our tripod which is great as it doubles as a monopod – it’s lightweight and easy to carry around.

I love our camera bag, it’s easy to arrange things how you want to with individual compartments, it’s got a waterproof cover and you can strap the tripod to it

We use Comica C3 wireless microphones so that you can all hear us clearly. They are a budget mic but really good for capturing dialogue as we are out and about. You can find these here

These memory cards work really well for our 4K footage

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