Bradford Clean Air Zone: Is It Fair?

Bradford Clean Air Zone

We got hit with a whopping £18 bill for travelling through the Bradford Clean Air Zone this weekend in St Chris. This is for the daily clean air charge which is £9 a day and runs from midnight to midnight.

What happened?

We were travelling to the Yorkshire Dales from our beloved Barnsley and the route took us through Bradford. We set off after work on Saturday and returned Sunday. Claire noticed a clean air zone sign at the side of the road on our return so we googled it.

How Do You Know You Have To Pay?

There is a website that you can type in your registration and it will tell if and what charge applies to you. St Chris fell under the charge and because the charge runs from midnight to midnight we had to pay for 2 days at £9 a day.

Fines If You Don’t Pay the Bradford Clean Air Zone

If you don’t pay within 6 days then you are automatically fined £120 plus the original charge of £9 for the Bradford Clean Air Zone. This rises if you don’t pay this on time.

What About Cars?

At the time of writing, cars are not included so if you’ve got a 5-litre gas guzzler you don’t have to pay.

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