Ultimate Campervan Toilet Troubles In a Tiny Home

Do We Really Need A Campervan Toilet?

Join us in our Van Talk Week 5 as we dive into exciting van life adventures and share essential campervan toilet updates!Β In this episode we talk about the realities of toilets in campervans.

Why We Don’t Have A Campervan Toilet

The simple answer to that is that we don’t have enough room. Our Vauxhall Vivaro Campervan is short wheel base and we decided to put in a fixed queen size bed. We knew that if we were to enjoy the van regularly our comfort was paramount. This has allowed us to create loads of storage underneath it but Claire admits that it isn’t that accessible. The bed basically takes up all of the available floor space so there is no room for a toilet.

Why Is A Campervan Toilet Such A Big Issue?

Not having a campervan toilet limits the places that we can stay. Claire doesn’t feel comfortable not having toilet facilities nearby so we can’t wild camp at the moment. Pub stopovers are an option as long as we can access the toilets at a decent time.

Plan For The Future

We constantly talk about changing our van for one big enough for a campervan toilet so watch this space. Here are the top things we’d look out for:-

  1. Space-saving Design: Campervan toilets are specifically designed to fit into small spaces, making them ideal for compact vans. These toilets come in various sizes, but they are typically designed to be compact, lightweight, and easy to install. Manufacturers have cleverly incorporated space-saving features, such as foldable seats, swivel mechanisms, and slim profiles, to maximize the available room in your van.
  2. Convenience and Independence: One of the greatest advantages of having a campervan toilet is the convenience and independence it provides. With a toilet on board, you are no longer solely reliant on finding public restrooms or campsites with facilities. This is particularly beneficial when traveling in remote areas or during nighttime stops when access to facilities may be limited. You can enjoy the freedom to stop and take care of your needs whenever and wherever necessary.

Health and Environment

  1. Hygiene and Sanitation: Maintaining hygiene and sanitation standards is crucial when traveling in a campervan. Campervan toilets are designed with sanitation in mind, incorporating features like waste storage tanks, flushing mechanisms, and odor control systems. These toilets are easy to clean and maintain, ensuring a hygienic environment inside your van. Additionally, having a dedicated toilet reduces the risk of contamination from external sources.
  2. Environmental Considerations: Modern campervan toilets have made significant advancements in environmental sustainability. Many models are now equipped with eco-friendly features such as low water consumption, biodegradable chemicals, and efficient waste disposal systems. By choosing a campervan toilet with environmentally conscious features, you can minimize your ecological footprint while enjoying the convenience of onboard facilities.
  3. Privacy and Comfort: Using public restrooms may not always offer the privacy and comfort one desires. Having a campervan toilet ensures you have a private and comfortable space to attend to your needs. This is particularly beneficial for individuals or families who value their privacy or have specific health or mobility requirements. The convenience of having a personal toilet within your van allows for a more relaxed and enjoyable travel experience.


A campervan toilet is an essential addition to any small van, providing convenience, independence, and comfort during your adventures. With their space-saving designs, hygiene features, and environmental considerations, these toilets offer a practical solution for travelers seeking a self-sufficient and enjoyable journey. When outfitting your small van, consider investing in a campervan toilet and unlock the full potential of your travel experiences. Embrace the freedom of the road without compromising on comfort or convenience, and enjoy the benefits of having a dedicated toilet in your campervan.

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